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Breeding for Color
Even though we  obviously are partial to horses  with  color and chrome, (hence the nickname, "The Home of Chrome"), we feel it is very important when breeding for color that conformation, disposition and gait  are not overlooked.  Breeding just for color without taking into consideration the conformation, disposition and bloodline of the proposed mating is bad  for the breed and  without proper selective breeding  the spotted fox trotter cannot live up to its true potential. In other words, we believe in          quality-with color!
For an in-depth study of coat color genetics, equine coat colors, markings and identifications visit the sites listed below. When visiting these sites you will need to click on the back arrow on your browsers toolbar to come back to our site.  Thanks.
Homozygous--for a brief explanation of  the meaning of homozygous and the black color gene.
Coat Color Genetics--Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, presents an in-depth study of color genetics.
Equine Identification & Markings--Cornell  University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca, New York details the various markings and other identifying marks on the horse.
Equine Coat Colors--Excellent site with information on coat colors, pictures and and articles on the various markings and color dilutions.
Horse Color Resources--And if you still have questions this site will answer your individual horse color questions by mail.
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Horse Color Genetics--Excellent article by D. Phillip Sponenberg,DVM, Phd.
Color Genetics--More articles and links on this subject.  Also visit the Missouri Fox Trotter News website. This site is filled with lots of information about the Fox Trotter.