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Sassie's Babies
April 25,2003- November 25,2003
Allie's D'Light  H. 03-123456--It's always hard to lose one of your babies, but it is especially hard  to lose one that was so special.  Allie was a beautiful homozygous tobiano and, rare for us, a filly.  She  had the best disposition of about any of our babies from day one. She took a special liking to our daughter Allison, (shown here in the picture with the foal).  Allison was  here with Sassie when the foal was born and helped with the imprinting . It seems as if the foal thought Allison was its mom  because from the moment it could stand it would follow Allison or go to the light she was holding. We started saying  "Allie's  the light", and that's how the name came about--Allie'sD'Light.  Allison came over every day and spent time with her foal, rubbing her, picking up her feet, playing  with her ears.  This foal was broke and didn't know it.  Allison, (we call her Allie),  put the first halter on her and led her around  as if she had been led all her life.  But, unfortunately, when the foal was seven months old, she became very sick. She was ultimatley diagnosed at the LSU Veterinary School  with a very rare heart problem.  We lost her  in November, 2003.  We still miss her.  She really was Allison's Delight!
Allie's D'Light H.
Sassie was not rebred in 2003, but was bred to Danney Joe's Sunny Boy for an April 2005 foal.
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