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Rose's Sassie Tassie D.M.
This is a picture of our daughter Allison winning a blue ribbon on Sassie at a local show several years ago. One of the few times  that Sassie was shown. When I first saw Sassie, she was carrying a flag in Ava and I thought she was just about the prettiest horse I had ever seen. It was like a dream come true when she came home with us after that week at the Show and Celebration.  The first couple of years she was my primary trail horse.  Power steering, super smooth gait and goes anywhere you point her. And LOTS of spirit! Very controllable (especially after the first mile) but loved to go. But then we bred her and her first foal was Smokey. After we saw the results of that first breeding, she has been primarily a brood mare ever since.  You can see her foals beginning on the Meet the Mares page. We wouldn't dream of selling these horses if we didn't really need to reduce the number of horses that  we have. She will be selling open. Good home only. The picture below shows Sassie the way she has been the past several years--in foal!  She was born in 1988. 
Sassie and Smokey both are that beautiful and sought after blue roan color with the added bonus of the spot across the withers and white stockings.
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