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We are not currently standing a stallion at this time.  We are fortunate to have access to some really nice stallions in the state and have not felt it necessary.

Check out the stallions shown below. Sunny Boy and Lobo are direct sons of the great Danney Joe W. and Cochise is a grandson. (A note about Cochise. We are sad to report that Cochise has been  gelded.  Allie's D'Light H., our homozygous black & white filly that died in Nov. 2003 was Cochise's last foal.) Kajun is a son of Superman's War Chief and was one of the first, if not the first, spotted foxtrotter stallion in the state.  We have used these stallions  in our breeding program  and we feel we have produced some really nice offspring.

Danney Joe's                    Danney's Pride of                           Danney Joe's              Sunny    Boy                         Princess. S.                                    Cochise
Click on any of  the pictures below to learn more about these fine stallions.

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Kajun War Dance